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Mobile vehicle safety inspections and certificates

Whether you need just one, or a fleet of vehicles checked, Mobile Roadworthy make it very easy and convenient for you to obtain your vehicle Safety Certificates and machinery Certificate of Inspections by offering professional mobile inspections at your premises or nominated location.

about roadworthy certificates

Safety and Roadworthy Certificates


You will need to display your Safety/Roadworthy Certificate on your registered light vehicle when:


  • Selling your car
  • list the vehicle for sale online
  • place the vehicle in public offering it for sale


Unregistered, second hand and registered interstate vehicles must have a Safety Certificate as part of the registration process. This includes:


  • Cars and light commercial vehicles up to and including 4.5t RGVM

  • Motorbikes

  • Caravans and trailers over .75t ATM up to and including 3.5t ATM

  • Caravans and trailers over 3.5t ATM up to and including 10t ATM

  • Trucks over 4.50t gross vehicle mass (GVM) up to 61t

about certificates of inspection

Certificates of Inspection - COI


Certificate of Inspection (COI) vehicles registered in Queensland may need to have a periodic or programmed inspection to check minimum vehicle safety standards.


A COI is issued when the vehicle passes the inspection. Owners of registered COI vehicles must have a current COI at all times. You will not be able to renew your registration until you have a current COI, so it pays to plan to have your vehicle checked for defects and book the inspection before the expiry date.


The vehicle must be presented in a clean condition and free of excessive grease to ensure the components can be inspected.


The vehicle should be checked for defects and have any necessary repairs completed before presentation for a COI to prevent the need for a re-inspection.

How long will the inspection take?


Our Safety Certificate inspections take approximately 30 minutes. At the completion of the inspection, a detailed written report will be issued. If the vehicle fails the safety inspection, you have 14 days to rectify the problem and call us back out for a free re-inspection.

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